The Perfect Granola started in our home kitchen as a way to feed the hungry. It was our plan to create a food company where we could give away food and profits to help those in need and empower the under served. What started as a dream quickly became The Perfect Granola, giving thousands of pounds of food and support to hundreds of organizations. Our products are pure and simple and don’t just feed your body, but nourish your soul. We thank you for your support because it’s only with you that we can continue to grow our mission and help others.

Committed To Giving back

5% of profits are donated to homeless shelters, outreach centers, and food banks. In addition, we are continuously working to create positive social change and opportunities for those in need.

How It All Started

My love of food and helping others started long before creating The Perfect Granola. While attending culinary school in my early 20’s, I would host “misfit holidays” where everyone from the neighborhood who didn’t have a place to go was welcome in my apartment to enjoy a delicious meal and a feeling of togetherness. This passion for helping continued as I got married and started to have children. I would volunteer at my local food pantry and take a ½ vacation day each Friday to assist community members in selecting their weekly bounty. As my family grew my time became more limited, but I knew I could do more. This is when the idea of starting a food company sprouted. What better way to feed the hungry than start a food company where I could share profits and food with those in need

For months, after working my full-time job during the day and tending to my children at night, I would go back in my office after bedtime and work to create the company. Long days and nights pulled my passion and education together and I launched The Perfect Granola in 2016. Since then, we’ve exploded into the market gaining accounts with Wegmans, Tops Friendly Markets, Kinney Drugs, Price Chopper, Dash's Markets, Shop-Rite, and hundreds of Independent Grocers.

In 2018 we were able to take our mission one step further and hire students through Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection. This gives the students real work experience, and compensation above minimum wage, before graduation so they can learn the skills needed for a bright future. We are continuously working towards providing opportunities to break the poverty cycle which is fueling our hunger issue.  

Our company is showing the world that a dream is possible with a clear vision and determination.  

Dream big and together we can change the world.