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May 09, 2019

Women Business Leaders In Monroe County ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ - The Perfect Granola

Dinolfo Shares Story on Career and Life with Women Business Leaders

Monroe County / News / Published: May 9, 2019

During Small Business Week, I partnered with Imagine Monroe and The Entrepreneurs Network to host a forum for women in business and female entrepreneurs in Monroe County.

Thriving: Women Leaders Connect and Learn in Monroe County

Hosted at Live Tiles in High Falls, the room was filled with women in business, students, aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, and CEOs. This encouraging and inspiring forum featured panel discussions on how women can thrive in business, along with networking opportunities.

Creating More Jobs and a Stronger Economy

As a former small business owner myself, I know the hard work, grit and determination it takes to launch a business and thrive. I also cherish the unique opportunity I have as County Executive to help celebrate and lift-up other women so they can reach their fullest potential. It is my goal to inspire even more women to lead from the front as we work to grow More Jobs and build a stronger economy for all of us.

Supporting Women in Business

We have an incredible network of female entrepreneurs and women in business. I am a fierce advocate for our local women-led small businesses and I’ll tell you why – according to the last United States Census, Monroe County is home to over 20,000 women-owned businesses. That places us in the top ten counties throughout the state in women-owned business, beating out Erie County, Dutchess County, and Onondaga County. Here in Monroe County, we have incredible programs that are built to help small businesses succeed. From LadderzUp, The Entrepreneurs Network, Imagine Monroe and more – we are building a movement that will help all leaders reach their fullest potential, while helping to grow more jobs in our community.

A special thank you to our panelists including Michele Liddle, CEO of The Perfect Granola, Sharon Samjitsingh, Co-Founder of Health Care Originals, Elsa Bretherton, Vice President of Finance & Administration for Sydor Technologies, Julie Camardo-Steron, CEO of Zweigle’s, Inc., Kelly Goforth, Director of Manufacturing at OFD Foods, Becca Post, founder and CEO of Helen & Gertrude, Abby Reinhard, Owner/President of GP Flooring, as well as Barbara Bauer and Alicia Robb of Rockies Venture Institute. Thank you for taking the time to be a shining example for women in business. Your commitment to supporting others and creating a sense of community over competition has helped put Monroe County on the map.


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