Walmart Thanks Made-In-America Manufacturers

June 06, 2019

Walmart Thanks Made-In-America Manufacturers - The Perfect Granola

FORBES - Chris Strub / News / Published: June 6, 2019

In a new line of commercials, the world's top retailer is emphasizing its commitment to American manufacturers that support nonprofits in their own communities.

This week, Walmart is unveiling a series of "American Ingenuity" videos on its YouTube channel, highlighting the philanthropic actions of several locally owned and operated businesses whose products are carried in Walmart locations around the country.

Walmart surprised a representative from The Perfect Granola with a visit from the team at House of Mercy Food Shelf. WALMART / YOUTUBE

In the first of a series of 60-second videos, a Walmart executive meets with Mackenzie Ball, of 50 Strong, a Lima, Ohio-based plastics manufacturer that won a multi-million dollar contract to supply its water bottles to the retail chain in 2017.

The sit-down interview purports to be a standard annual product review, but the hidden cameras quickly pan outside the room as a "special guest" is announced: Blair Cornell, founder of Joyride Special-Needs Car Club, a 501(c)3 that has received customized water bottles that have been given to the children who benefit from their program.

"Hey Mackenzie," Cornell says. "I just wanted to thank you for your generosity, for your product donation, for all the kids who have special needs, it's really important to have you be involved."

"I see those bottles, and see the kids carrying them around -- you made so many kids' lives just a little bit better," he adds.

In another video, in the same style, Ashlie Jones of Victor, N.Y.-based The Perfect Granola is brought in for a similar "product review" session, before being surprised by Sister Grace Miller, of the House of Mercy Food Shelf in Rochester.

"We're so grateful to Perfect Granola for the wonderful, wonderful food -- we feed 450 people a day," Miller says. "We couldn't do it without you, and companies like yours who donate."

A third video features a surprise visit for Valerie Urich, of Drymate, a line of American-made waterproof mats.

"We wanted to make other people's lives better," Urich says of her company, which is marking 20 years of production in Savage, Minn. "We donated these blankets to homeless shelters -- we were fulfilled by knowing that people were going to be warm because of that."

Then, the twist:

"Thank you for the blankets that we brought down to Minneapolis & St. Paul," says Cathy Maes, of Loaves and Fishes Minnesota. "You and Drymate were amazing -- you save lives."

Each clip ends with Walmart, the world's 29th largest public company, stating its commitment to investing $250 billion in products that support American job creation, between 2013 and 2023.

The videos were lauded on social media by the various companies and their biggest supporters.

"Our partnership with Walmart has led us to expand our mission and has allowed us to donate to more charitable foundations than we could have ever dreamed of!," wrote The Perfect Granola on their Facebook page. "We are so thankful!"

"LOVE seeing great brands built by great people getting amplified & rewarded!" Tweeted social media influencer Brian Fanzo. "Kudos @Walmart for celebrating @Be50Strong as they live the American dream building products in America! We need more of this!"

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