Michele Liddle Interviewed on The Give Back Model podcast

April 05, 2021

Michele Liddle Interviewed on The Give Back Model podcast

The Give Back Model - Christine Petrella / News / Published: May 25, 2021

Founder and CEO of The Perfect Granola, Michele Liddle, speaks with the host of The Give Back Model podcast, Christine Petrella.


Liddle speaks with Pretrella about her past volunteer experience, where she noticed a lack of healthy food pantry options, as well as allergy-free options, and how that inspired her to launch her company in 2016. Liddle talks about using her own kitchen to develop recipes with her family, how she found nationwide distribution for her products, and her current top seller.

Liddle also discusses the high poverty rates in Rochester, NY, and her mission to create systemic change in the fight against hunger. She tells Petrella about her partnerships with the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection in Rochester, as well as House of Mercy, Foodlink, and PepsiCo’s ‘Food for Good’ Initiative. She explains the importance of school nutrition and shares the most touching story of someone she has helped. Liddle encourages entrepreneurs to stay the course with their Give Back mission and explains to Petrella what’s next for Perfect Granola as they continue to grow and raise awareness for food insecurity.

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