How This Philanthropic Granola Guru Finds Her Power

December 06, 2019

How This Philanthropic Granola Guru Finds Her Power - The Perfect Granola

REFINERY29 / Power Diaries / Published: December 4, 2019

Michele Liddle founded Perfect Granola —  a packaged granola brand right in her own kitchen. But the company is about more than grocery store staples: Liddle shares 5% of all her profits with homeless shelters, outreach centers and food banks, and adamantly employs at–risk youth in the hopes of finding ways to break the the poverty cycle that causes hunger. Recently, her work earned her a slot as a finalist in Stacy's Rise Project a program that provides grants and mentorship to female entrepreneurs in the food and drink space. Here's how Liddle finds her power...  

I feel most powerful when...

"I can inspire someone else to give back in some way to their community. I created The Perfect Granola on the premise that we should all be working to give back to our own communities. We're always stronger together. We're our most powerful when we work to raise each other up."

Power to me means...
"Power can mean a lot of different things, but for me, to be powerful is to create some sort of change in the word. I strive to be fearless and powerful in everything I do so I can leave behind a legacy that I can be proud of."
What do you do when you feel powerless?
"It is very rare that I feel powerless. I am a strong believer that we all have power inside of us at all times. But in situations where I feel I can't access my power readily, I try to put myself in someone else's shoes because I think compassion and empathy are empowering."
What's your power anthem?
"Easy! Ben Harper's 'With My Own Two Hands.' This is basically the theme song for my life. It's all about changing the world with your own two hands. I think sometimes it’s easy to forget just how much we can impact others, but it is possible to change the world and make it a better place."
Who's your power icon?
"I can’t name just one. I'm inspired by different people all the time who come from all different walks of life. So many people inspire me every single day!"
What do you wear when you want to feel powerful?
"I believe that power comes from within, so I put little emphasis on outward clothing. I do enjoy being comfortable and tend to wear clothes that I can easily bend down or kneel on the ground in while talking to my two young daughters. I am constantly crouching down to speak to them at eye level."

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