A Message from Founder and CEO, Michele Liddle⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

April 09, 2020

The Perfect Granola donating to a Feeding America food bank

As our lives change forever due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am constantly reminded of the heroic actions of my fellow Americans.  While at times the news is bleak, there in the middle, are inspiring stories of people and companies creating new ways to help and solve the endless challenges.  Not only is our company stepping up and increasing our donations and aid, but many are reaching out to us asking how they can help us.  In this time of crisis so many want to help but don't know how they can make a difference.  These collaborations and partnerships are what makes me happiest as the business owner of a socially driven company.  I've always said "I can't do this alone.  We are building a company for the community, supported by the community."  This continues to hold true.  

In March many answered the call when we put out a post that we were matching pallet for pallet.  1 pallet purchased meant a pallet donated to an organization needing help.  This equated to over 100,000 granola pouches donated to support school nutrition programs and food banks throughout the most hit state of New York.

April is no different and we continue asking for help and support.  Our company is deeply impacted by this virus; we've had to reduce production days, limit staff, and even close at times to sanitize all in an effort to limit exposure and keep people safe.  As a company, we've taken the stance to pay all employees full pay during this time even though we haven't been running full production and some are home with loved ones and not able to work at times.  We have lost a lot revenue all the while continuing to increase donations and aid.  So far this month we have seen companies step up to help and we are so appreciative. 

Cascades Containerboard Packaging ( answered the call and together we were able to get a pallet of granola to Foodlink (, a Feeding America ( food bank based in Rochester, NY.  Awesome Buffalo ( answered the call in March and we donated a pallet of granola to support FeedMore WNY (, a Feeding America food bank based in Buffalo, NY.  Buffalo Strive ( called us and we answered the call to support and donate to the #StriveforSeniors initiative started by Jon Corto and Thurman Thomas of the Buffalo Bills (  Food Equality Initiative ( answers the call daily with sending food reserves to the food insecure with allergies, Food for Good ( supports children in food deserts in Dallas, TX and we are proudly a supplier of theirs.  

Together, we can make a difference and together we will get through this.  If you or your company can help us help others, please let us know.  We will continue our mission and help those who need it the most.


Michele Liddle - Founder and CEO - The Perfect Granola